The first Celebrating the Asian American LGBTQ+ Experience was proposed as a community event as part of the first ever Lambda Litfest. A panel discussion and Q&A was conceptualized specifically to discuss the unique intersection of queer identity and the Asian American experience, and the response was overwhelming; seventy-five attendees filled the courtyard of the Chinese American Museum.

Comedian Jared Goldstein, writers Atom Yang, Karen Yin and Marcus Tran and Eric Wat participated in a performance and reading showcase followed by a panel discussion moderated by CB Lee.

Jared Goldstein, Atom Yang, CB Lee, Marcus Tran, and Karen Yin at the 2017 Celebrating the Asian American LGBTQ+ Experience at the Chinese American Museum as part of the inaugural Lambda Litfest.

Friday, March 10, 2017

Original Program Description

Celebrating the Asian American LGBTQ+ Experience brings together an inter-generational line-up of queer identified poets, writers, and actors in historic downtown Los Angeles at the Chinese American Museum, whose current exhibit “Roots: Asian American Movements in Los Angeles, 1968 – 1980s” highlights the intersectionality of various Asian American social movements, including the Asian American LGBTQ+ community. Reading, performances, and a panel discussion will be followed by refreshments and book signing, as well as a chance to tour the exhibit.

 *Due to schedule conflict actor Jenapher Jun-Yi Zheng and poet Celeste Chan were unable to attend the 2017 event.

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